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Important Information 



.A. R.I.T.A.RIR.I.T.A.

By now most of you know that Regional Income Tax Agency is collecting the Municipal Income tax for the Village. Some citizens have received a letter notifying them that they owe estimated taxes for 2010.
R.I.T.A. is only following the Village Income Tax Ordinance. The commissioners have decided that a penalty will not be assessed for not filing quarterly taxes. R.I.T.A. has been notified of this change and the income tax ordinance will be amended to reflect the change. Remember though that if you pay estimated taxes, you will owe less on April 15.

Greenlawn Cemetery Rules

Grave decorations, including flower, pots, vases, greens pictures, plaques etc. must lay on or be affixed to the monument to facilitate mowing. Anything on the ground that inhibits mowing will be removed. Any decorations placed for a holiday MUST be removed after 2 weeks.  Items remaining after the two week period will be disposed of by the Village of South Charleston. All rules and regulations are posted in 4 areas of Greenlawn Cemetery



Check with the Village Manager at 937-462-7167 before you construct a fence, porch, deck or any other structure that is added on the existing structure. Zoning permits are required. When in doubt, call ahead of time.


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